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Main objectives


To identify fragile communities

in the partner countries and regions, which possess potential for mitigating their state of “fragility” through project interventions

To identify the competence gaps

and training needs of fragile community members and local authorities in areas, related to the creation of sustainable new jobs and services for the betterment of these communities.

To provide training to community coaches

and delivering pilot community workshops which will help fragile communities’ members acquiring competences they can use for solving their practical community problems and thus empowering communities

To transfer the project effects to other regions

and countries in order to maximise the efforts of the partnership to support the revival of fragile communities across Europe.


The aim of the INTERFACE project is to support Fragile Communities in finding innovative and entrepreneurial responses to the problems affecting them. Fragile communities are urban and rural communities (city quarters, towns and villages) that have been experiencing a persistent demographic, economic and social decline – an issue which has become a policy concern in all European countries.

INTERFACE starts: coaching for fragile communities in Europe

INTERFACE starts: coaching for fragile communities in Europe

How to face last years economic and demografic challenges help to benefit urban and rural communities in Europe? How to improve the quality of the life of fragile communities in Europe? The solution is citizen involvement in an innovation and...

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