An interactive platform for facilitators and community coaches and an OER to present the Gap Analysis, the INTERFACE curriculum, and a step-by-step description of community workshops.

    Available courses

    The INTERFACE Community coaches training and curriculum is a course including 100 to 120 hours of learning or 4 ECTS credits. Students acquire comprehensive, factual and theoretical knowledge related to community development in fragile/vulnerable communities as well as practical coaching methods to use in community settings. Students will gain a range of cognitive and practical skills required to develop creative solutions to abstract problems using coaching and public engagement methodologies. 

    By the end of the study student’s competences include being able to facilitate unpredictable situations in coaching individuals and groups within fragile communities and working on creative solutions in relation to community problems and innovation. They will be trained and mentored to continuously review both their own and others performance. 

    The key element of the community coach training is to train students in using coaching methodologies. The principle of coaching is a creative process that inspires beneficiaries, that is community groups and entrepreneurs, to maximize their personal and professional potential.